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 New Elvis Presley Recording Discovered

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MessageSujet: New Elvis Presley Recording Discovered   Mar 17 Juil 2012, 20:25

New Elvis Presley Recording Discovered

By: Elvis Australia
July 14, 2012 - 8:42:07 PM

A new Elvis Presley recording has been discovered and played online and we have the video and audio for you. The song is I Forgot To
Remember To Forget You from a Louisiana Hayride performance in 1955. The recording is said to be audio taped from a TV broadcast, just
audio the actual film does not exist.

The video is of 'wire recorder' playing, we have two versions for you, one with just the song the other the complete video with an
explanation as to the origins of the tape and how it was recorded.

The reaction from Ernst Jorgensen:

'Wow it's unbelievably beautiful. I'm still trying to recover from the shock'.

Wire Recorders

Wire recording is a type of analog audio storage in which a magnetic
recording is made on thin steel or stainless steel wire. The wire is
pulled rapidly across a recording head which magnetizes each point along
the wire in accordance with the intensity and polarity of the
electrical audio signal being supplied to the recording head at that
instant. By later drawing the wire across the same or a similar head
while the head is not being supplied with an electrical signal, the
varying magnetic field presented by the passing wire induces a similarly
varying electric current in the head, recreating the original signal at
a reduced level.

Magnetic wire recording was replaced by magnetic tape recording, but
devices employing one or the other of these media had been more or less
simultaneously under development for many years before either came into
widespread use. The principles and electronics involved are nearly
identical. Wire recording initially had the advantage that the recording
medium itself was already fully developed, while tape recording was
held back by the need to improve the materials and methods used to
manufacture the tape.

This article © Copyright Elvis Australia : No part of this article maybe re-printed for public display without permission.
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CD is a dream come true but I can't as there was no anticipation
something like this would ever be released. For years now we have had
the basic el cheapo compilation of the basic tracks but now we have a
full CD with a running time of over 75 minutes that gives a very good
overview of Elvis in concert in the 1950s. This CD is presented exactly
the same as the MRS releases Off Duty With Private Presley Book Deluxe CD set, Tupelo Welcomes Home Elvis Presley Deluxe CD set and Such A Night in Pearl Harbor CD and 100 page Book set. Another gem from MRS.
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'parade' footage is good to see as it puts you in the right context
with color and b&w footage. The interviews of Elvis' Parents are
well worth hearing too. The afternoon show footage is wonderful and
electrifying : Here is Elvis in his prime rocking and rolling in front
of 11.000 people.
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Boogie boy
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MessageSujet: Re: New Elvis Presley Recording Discovered   Mer 18 Juil 2012, 13:05


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Tupelo Mississipi Flash
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MessageSujet: Re: New Elvis Presley Recording Discovered   Ven 03 Aoû 2012, 02:41

Boogie boy a écrit:


Ca faisait un bout d'temps qu'tu l'attendais celui là, hein ??? Razz
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MessageSujet: Re: New Elvis Presley Recording Discovered   

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New Elvis Presley Recording Discovered
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